Thursday, July 2, 2009

fan pulls for arizona

jennifer and i are in the final hours of our visit...she is off to arizona to tie up loose ends on a home they bought there...then back to shanghai...i already miss her. anyway...we are trying to document our projects on this blog before she scoots....her new home in tucson will have ceiling fans so we created whimsical fan pulls with an asian flair. we used pewter foil which we tarnished and strung together embellishments from china...i am grateful that a bit of "me" will be present in her new home...


  1. Sorry your visit with your sister is coming to an end. I know you have enjoyed it very much. I didn't know she bought a home in Tucson that will be alot closer than Shanghai! Looking forward to seeing you, I've missed you.

  2. I am off to see the house now. Missed you on my morning walk. The mountains of Tucson are magnificent!


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