Wednesday, January 17, 2018

i have been experiencing something you know....i have been publishing mixed media tutorials on YouTube...i have over 60 videos published and the response has been amazing!  a question is...'why?' such a good question...'why am i teaching mixed media online?'  i am not sure i have a good answer for that, other has just the process of 'doing the next right thing' the mixed media/altered book videos have been born and my little fledglings are testing their wings and flying.  i am only responsible for my part in this....i make mistakes, i don't make is all part of the process...the part that i seem to have forgotten is that...the more i put myself and my art out there?...the more i put myself out there for people to comment....both supportive and any artist can tell you...'i do not have a choice...i must create and share....otherwise...i will become stale, stagnate and eventually my heART will cease to Whyte says it better than i can....i remain it should be.

“A true vocation calls us out beyond ourselves; breaks our heart in the process and then humbles, simplifies and enlightens us about the hidden, core nature of the work that enticed us in the first place.” 
 David Whyte

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

rainy day blues? i don't think so.....time to clean up the desk in my studio!

handsome hubby has been home for 4 days and i am soooooo tired of being quiet! has forced me to clean up my 'decorated' desk and make a fun collage.  i am getting ready for a new series of mixed media classes, so what better way to start than with a clean desk, right? unexpected gift of cleaning off my workspace (playspace really) is this fun collage piece....we will be making this in our first 'mixed media' class next week.....come on Wednesday!!!!
thank you to all of you that are supporting my YouTube videos....likes, dislikes, comments and shares....they are all counted by YouTube and the more the merrier....someday i will get a paycheck from them, right?
see you on the table!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

2 weeks after Christmas....back in the studio....ah!!!!!!

our little house in vallejo, california has been bubbling over with company!  my sister from malaysia and my niece from china have spent the past 2 weeks with us....what does that mean?  jigsaw puzzles 'til midnight, too many sugary treats, trips to commercial stores, euchre, facial masks and lots of visiting!  wow...yep...a great time was had by all....oh...and then the arrival on a new grandson...everyone made it new year's day for a family meal (accept my son and his family in az...wah)...always lots of laughter when the boys get together!
the downfall?  not much studio time....i find it hard to be creative and grounded when company is here...sooooooo....
yesterday i got up early and played...even made a video....
and today?  up early and studio looks like someone picked it up and shook it....and the creative juices are just as messy...and i am in 'studio heaven'...
company is wonderful...peace and quiet is wonderful....finding the balance?  why yes i am!
go create, go play, go have fun!!!

Friday, December 29, 2017


2017 has been an amazing year for me....the ability to share my artwork all over the world is humbling and rewarding....i dedicate everyday to my higher power and invite 'playfulness' at every turn.
i try not to take myself too seriously and i give other people permission to do the same....if they are interested...
my art classes and my YouTube channel have opened my world....and i love that!
happy new year to all...
be creative...whatever that means in your world...gardening, cooking, writing, drawing, inspiring children...etc..etc...
but most of all....have fun doing it!!!
here is the latest video for an altered book...enjoy!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

meet "Australas"

my journey with my YouTube videos have taken me places that i never expected....far beyond inviting other artists to play on my table. i have created  some friends....a community that i did not have before....a treasure trove of artists with ideas to share, talents that have now been given permission to soar!  it is beyond amazing...oh...and from all over the world!  gifts that i carry in my heart....such support....
and then there is 'Australas' my new muse created by my friend Roseanna!  She arrived in my studio yesterday and she is my kind of girl. she now sits on my shelf, in a birdcage holding a next of real quail eggs!  yep....i am crazy about her....and yes her creator too!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

yesterday far...the best day ever!!!

as usual.....i woke up at 'dark o'clock' in a flurry of excitement for the day...let's go play!  Lynn (one of my YouTube buddies) had requested that i create a video on a certain book cover YouTube buddies keep me on my toes i can tell you!  so....into the 'recording studio' i go with the intention of ....a book cover...
well...meetings, dog walk, laundry and the dentist stop me in my tracks....arg....real life?  blah!
but then...the day catapulted into the best day ever!!!
i had sent a stabilo pencil to a young man in Czech...he was not able to find one in his country and the thought of an artist....without a stabilo?  unthinkable...right?  well....i tossed some ephemera off my desk(...yes, underpants), into the packet a long with the pencil and sewed it shut.  Michal had received it yesterday and created a 'video of gratitude' brought tears to my eyes...he is so sweet...and his art wings are still damp with discovery!
THEN............i tgot an email from Somerset Magazine that they are going to publish 2 of my altered books and want ME to write about them!  OMG...i am so honored!
THEN...i was approached to see if i might want to be a juror for an 'art book gallery show'...what?  could this day get any better?
THEN...i got to get back into my studio to play on the altered book cover...wowza!  a little bit of 'crackle time' and it turned out amazing! (video in the making on this technique)
so....never give up....never surrender....
yep....BEST day ever! 
thank you ALL  for your support....this journey would not be the same without you!!!

Mixed Media Class Schedule-are you local? come play!!!!!

6 week Mixed Media Class
LorriMarie 707-508-5492
‘Letting Go’
January 17th-February 21st 11-1:30
946 Tyler St.
Benicia, Ca. 94510
$110 w/non refundable $20 deposit

Have you always wanted to play with mixed media techniques but did not know where to start? LorriMarie is an internationally known teacher. She is known for her creativity and gentle mentoring in the art world.
during this six week mixed media program you will play (and laugh) with watercolors, acrylics, paper, ink, glue and more! a new project every week with gentle verbal guidance, written instructions so that you can play at home , and a ‘companion’ video that prepares you for class!

6 week Altered Book Class
‘Altered Book Class’ Thursdays
January 18th-February 22nd 6:30-9
946 Tyler St.
Benicia, Ca 94510

$125 w/nonrefundable $20 deposit
LorriMarie will guide you through some techniques...turning an old book into magical entertainment! pockets, add on pages, windows, secret compartments and collage work that will make your jaw drop! a new technique every week for 6 weeks that will draw any observer into your delightful book! you do not want to miss this creative class with verbal guidance, written instructions and a companion video.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

you just never know!

i have made a friend in Czech Republic!  Michal is a budding artist...tender winged...and a heart of gold! 
i sent him a stabilo pencil...he could not find one in his country...i stuck in some ephemera...(yes, the almighty underpants) and he opened the handcrafted envelope on video....
how on earth did i get so blessed?!
here is his amazing video...enjoy his accent...i know i am...enjoy his art....i know i am...and know that we are sensitive when we are putting our art out there for other people to feel....
go create long as it is fun...right?

Monday, December 18, 2017

Collage Fodder in Australia!

i have sent 2/100 piece ephemera packets to Australia....they finally got there...intact....and Rosemary was kind enough to create a video showing off her 'early Christmas' present that she bought herself! fun is that?!
you don't have to watch the whole thing, but take a peek...the video is darling...and her accent....i am over the moon!
thank you Rosemary for the support and the effort to create a video...
we do love our ephemera!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

use it? don't use it? that is the question!

if you have any doubts about whether you are breaking any 'copyright' laws...a lawyer is your best bet....of course...
i have been doing a little bit of research and this is what i have come up with...not my up those images, create your collages, do not mass produce or try to sell them in their original it? be influenced by art that intrigues you...and GO PLAY!!!
To summarize, collages that have more of the following characteristics are more likely to qualify as fair use:
*The collage incorporates many different materials from many different sources.
*The materials are juxtaposed or arranged in ways that create new visual and conceptual effects, the more different from the effect of the original materials, the better.
*The collage does not feature a copyrighted work as the central focus or dominant image. Only portions of copyrighted materials are used, rather than the entire image.
*The collage is a one-of-a-kind piece of fine art, or published in a limited edition of fine art prints.
One final note: in addition to copyright, collage artists should also be aware of potential trademark rights that might be associated with their raw materials. Trademarks are brand names or other symbols that represent the commercial source of products or services. Sometimes visual images can be trademarks, such as Mickey Mouse or the Marlboro cowboys. If you use these in your collages, there may be some risk of trademark infringement. However, trademark law also has exceptions for non-competitive uses. While the analysis is not technically the same, generally it is similar to the copyright concept of fair use. Such uses are the most safe when they are the most transformative and unlikely to compete with the trademark owner’s market.
© 2004 Linda Joy Kattwinkel

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Commercial for my Channel....Thank You Chroma Storm Arts

so....about a week ago one of my YouTube followers asked for a couple of 'traveling collage kits'...i sent them off to Georgia....zippity quick...afterall...when you are ready to create...yesterday is not soon enough, right?
well...yesterday i got a notice from Chroma Storm Arts that she got the hand sewn package and she was going to open it on her channel...yikes...i have to say i was a bit nervous...were the kits 'video worthy'?  
Chroma Storm Arts did indeed open them on video....and she did an amazing job of promoting my channel, my art and my traveling collage kit!
it brought me to tears watching her, cross legged on her bed, showing off my kit, sharing a piece of her artwork that she created using some of my techniques....and just being her adorable self!
so...a big shout out to Chroma Storm Arts...for taking the time to spread the word....i am honored!
see you on the table!

Monday, December 11, 2017

ooops.....i crossed a boundary!

i loathed unfinished projects!  yep...loathe them....
saturday was....'clean the studio' day....boring, but it needs to happen...frequently!  and while i was cleaning the studio i ran across a few unfinished art projects....that drives me crazy...unfinished business...arg! break up the monotony of cleaning the studio....i played with a little wooden book i had started months ago....i wanted to make it a 'WANTED' to embellish it with 'wanted offenses' fun!
well.....i got a bit political and mentioned a 'political party'...oooops....i have offended someone and they called me on it....well...there you have it!
it won't happen was a playful gesture and not meant to hurt anyone's feelings...and i apologize...i thought about removing the video but have decided to leave it up on Youtube...if you are politically might not want to watch it....
their is my 'waiver'!
go play!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

so what would you do? the last video that i posted....hmmmmmm....there were some editing on my personal friends...and a Youtube subscriber, gently informed me that there were some hiccups in the last video on creating 2 tags in the altered book....hmmmmm....what to do, right?  so into the computer i dig....only to find out that i had trashed the video segments...aha...back to the trusty camera that holds my videos until i am done editing them....oh no...i trashed them off the camera too....
thinking cap....
thinking cap.... of my 'charms' is that i will dig through trash, right?
so i put on my virtual rubber gloves and go digging....i found (in amongst other things) all the segments of the video that i needed...
 reinstalled it into my Theatre application and enjoyed a 'do over'....i think i got the bugs out and i will re publish the video on Youtube....
thanks for the support....
see you on the table!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

who knew that being a 'full time artist' would be so busy?!  i teach 3 times a week and create 2 Youtube videos a week....i love my life!  i get to connect with artists all over the world with my Youtube channel....i definitely love my life!
i start my days at 4 a.m. and i can't wait to get into my studio!  i turn on a bright light and start the camera...way fun for this girl!
i worked on some 'tag pages' this morning and i wanted to share the video with you....
keep those 'thumbs up' and comments coming...if you give me a 'thumbs down'...please tell me why so i can learn and adjust....
thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog....and my channel!  you rock!

Monday, November 27, 2017

i was walking yesterday and i found.....

a fun little metal box with a lid....hmmmmm....i thought to myself....that is a fun little metal box with a course i bent over and picked it my surprise (and i don't know why i was surprised) it was from some medicinal marijuana! fun is that?  
so.....i brought it home and transformed it into a 'thank you' card.  a little folded book inside a tin box....rob's mom loves cardinals....perfect!
we just spent the holiday with handsome hubby's family in was lovely and a lot of people went out of their way to make sure the events of the weekend went well.
rob's mom got married, we got a tour of the little town and we had enough food to feed a village!  (i even got to play some euchre!)  
so here is the indica marijuana container with a whole new life!