Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mixing it up with Acrylic paint and Alcohol!

what a delicious day i have had!  i woke up at 2 a.m....i wish that was unusual....nope...played in the studio for about 4 hours and then took a nap...waking up motivated to make another You Tube video on my altered book.....oh i do love my altered books....such a great way to try new techniques and have everything right there in one...very stressed....fat book!
it is very unusual for me to have a day that i can just play all day...well....i do teach tonight...allowing the 'playtime' to stretch into the evening...but i have really enjoyed today!  i savored every snuggly moment with my puppy....i did my video editing in bed under the cozy blankets with him...ahhhhh...the life of an artist...right?
anyway.....i am very pleased with the video....a new technique for me to pack into my ever growing mixed media 'technique' inventory to share!
i do hope you have a chance to watch the video...send me feedback...and if you are making some of this fun art with me...please send me photos!
see you on the table!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

gearing up for the next mixed media classes.... is more fun when creating something!
i am winding up the 6 week session of 'Letting Go' mixed media class....i am going to take a week off and then i am starting up the next 6 weeks......i never know exactly what i am going to teach to these amazingly talented artists....but...we do something new every fun is that?!
so....i remain grateful for my students....the studio i teach creativity...and the support of my family...and you!  now that makes me smile!
go create, go play, got have fun!
‘Letting Go’ 
6 weeks of Mixed Media Classes with LorriMarie Jenkins 
Wednesdays 11-1:30 or 
Thursdays 6:30-9 Beginning
 November 16th through December  28st (skipping Thanksgivng)
Wednesday November 15th through December 20th 
940 Tyler Street Benicia, Ca. (Femmage) 
I never know exactly what we are going to play with but it is always fun! we will be learning techniques in; background layering, fundamental collage, using textures .This is an invitation to beginning and seasoned artists....I provide a safe place to play and to embrace those ‘happy accidents’ that present themselves while exploring the world of mixed media! You can even come in your pajamas!! I encourage everyone to leave their perfection at the door... 
Class fee...$110 ($20 deposit is required to save your spot)
Altered Book Class
November 12th through December 17th 
Sundays 10-12:30 

Class fee...$125 ($20 deposit is required to save your spot) (limited space)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Resin....easier than you think!

before we get started with the fun stuff....i would just like to send some positive energy to those victims of the california fires...devastating...we were on high alert for evacuation but it never got that close to us....i pray for all the people, and animals that have suffered a loss....very sad indeed.... could there even be a segway into art?  i don't know...

i was introduced to resin by a dear friend of mine and i love its thick, shiny surface!  it was a bit scary at first...but so easy..messy, but easy!
so put on some gloves and pour some resin with me!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

it is not as bad as i think.....

so....i had mentioned in a past blog that i was obsessing over a 'thumbs down'...that is right....over 7,000 views...and one 'thumbs down' was what i was concentrating on?  really?  well....i got over it...haven't given it a thought since the day i wrote the blog....or shortly there after.... i got an adorable email from one of my subscribers....she was apologizing for hitting the 'thumbs down' button by mistake....and then she could not figure out how to fix THAT is adorable! poor thing...she felt so bad...
sweet, right?
moral of the story?
it is not always as bad as i think it is....usually it is much better!
thank you everyone for coming along on my process...

Monday, October 9, 2017

such a handy tool!!!

i am half way through an altered book class that i teach on sundays with 5 amazing women...each bringing their own style to the table...i love to punch holes and add eyelets to my altered book pages for ribbons, strings, charms....etc.
i promised to show Cynthia how to use the almighty 'Crop-A-Dile II' this past sunday....and as usual...we got so entrenched in our creativity that.....i forgot...
so here is a video ( a short tutorial) on how to punch holes and install eyelets...the E-Z way!
see you on the table!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Foiled Again? Nope....not this time!
I have tried many times (unsuccessfully, might i add) use foil and baubles to emboss...i have torn many a book cover off in dissatisfaction....until now!!!!  
i got my sticky fingers on some heating duct tape and voila!  i am having a blast!
i will be teaching this technique in my mixed media classes (Letting Go...properly named, might i add) week.....i am so excited i can hardly wait!  
so...check it out!
see you on the table!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Mailable Art Envelope and more!

i have spent the last couple of days at Femmage in Benicia.  It is so fun to hang out at that fun shoppe...and i have the art studio at my finger tips!
i made a video yesterday...i pride myself in 'one take' and that is good....but oh my goodness....the video was soooo shaky from me being over zealous with smooshing the gesso around that i had to make another first 'second take'...oh well....
so...behind the camera for the second take...enjoy watching it...and pay close attention to what happens in the first part.....i am not shooting another one...just giggle along with me and....see you on the table!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

how much does 'the thumb' matter?

it is funny to me....well not funny, i can get 50 'thumbs up' on my YouTube total... and 1 'thumbs down' on my videos....and what do i focus on?  right....the one 'thumbs down'....seriously?  
back to the 'You Are Enough' meditations!  
i am having a blast creating 'mailable art' right now....i will be sitting in front of the camera in the next couple days with a brown paper bag, images, gesso and chalk pastels....
i will not let that 'thumbs down' stop me!
have a great day!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Three Amazing Gifts!

I had the privilege (a gift) of spending my Sunday morning with 4 incredible female artists.  We meditated on abundance, wrote ourselves 'Thank You Notes' and stuck them in SASA...(they were just a way of honoring ourselves...thanking ourselves for carving out the time to play with art!) drank coffee...introduced ourselves and then joyously played...altering an old book...for the remainder of our two and a half hours together.....the time went too fast....of course!
this is the very beginning of the first 2-page spread..."it is not done yet"...

two of those amazing artists brought me gifts....
one 'gift' was a book about Angkor Wat....the Temples we visited in Vietnam....Rob and I wanted to purchase this book, but it cost $27.95....not going to happen on our travel 'Thank You Cynthia for the book we were drooling over!"

the third 'gift' presented to me was a huge jug of ModPodge!  what?  the perfect gift for this girl.....
Art...Book...and Glue....i don't think it gets much better than that!!!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

i spent the day, myself, and i....and art...of course!

ahhhhh....that ugly duckling stage...hate it...but it does keep my in the 'solution'...that is what our kids will be missing if we take 'art' away from them in school....problem solving...that is what an artist does from the minute they sit down to an empty canvas to the minute they sign their name to the completed piece....
'is it balanced?"
'does it feel good?'
'do i like it?'
'is it finished?'
the questions go on and on!
this piece has gone through several ugly duckling stages and i am ready to sign my name to it!
'Putting My Finger On It'

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

half way there! make any money on YouTube, you have to have 10,000 views before they will even consider you....well....guess what?  i am half way there!  yep....i have over 5,000 views on my fun, instructional tutorials!  i think i have more fun creating them then anyone could ever have watching them!  can that be true?
i have just posted 3 videos on how to make texture paste and what to do with it when you do make that has been fun!  
if you have not seen them....check them out...starting with making your own texture paste...using....wait for powder!

Monday, September 18, 2017

to abstract or not to abstract.....that is the question!

i have been feeling a bit 'stuck' with my art....i thought 2 weeks traveling would give me new did...but still feeling 'stuck' in my art world.
it seems there is a lot of abstract art being sold in my art i was driven by this to try to create some abstract art....well....that left me feeling empty....not that i expect my art to 'say something' to someone....but i sure want it to bring me joy....while creating it....and looking at it after it is complete...the abstract? not so much!
so....i dragged out my drawer of ephemera.....and my drawer of inspiring images....and...
'Music to my Fears' has been born!
sometimes it is the title of the piece that puts the art into words for me...this was so much fun to play with!  the organist, the picture of 'Mother on the organ' and the beautiful girl with the protective helmet on her head with one antler and one rose, and her wings of speaks to me...and it was fun!
bye bye abstract....for now!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

last blog from cambodia.....i promise...

this is an example of some of the stairs that we got to climb to see the magnificent temples...glad i was doing my 'boot camp workout' so my legs did not fail me!
and this is what the local garbage cans look like....pretty fun, i think....and a great way to repurpose old tires!
i have had my second shower for the day....and ready for the driver to pick us up for the airport....

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

leaving cambodia today.....passing on what i have learned....

it is beyond wonderful to experience another culture....their way of life...their history!  we have had a driver here in Siem Reap...what a blessing!
this is the 'lotus flower' step that is found throughout this temple.  it is said that when Buddha was born...he could walk on the lotus flowers.
many of the sculptures have been vandalized...i still find them intriguing...see the holes in the back of this platform?  they held up a wooden structure but of course have disintegrated with time...leaving behind the memory.
this is a sculpture called 'linga' represents the male...that one is obvious....and the female...water is poured over the male and when the water pours off the statue it is considered holy water.
these large blocks were floated down the river on bamboo rafts... larger block shows the holes that ropes were put through so that the elephants could drag the blocks to the building site....i cannot even imagine how heavy each block is...
this temple was created with a cheaper rock/stone...they are smaller and they have eroded faster than the above sandstone...
very hard to see....and my finger is in the way...sorry....but this is a temple where the king received his 'treatments'...the english translation is 'hospital'....the kind went here for his sauna treatments....hardly a hospital in my world!
and this is nature reclaiming its ground....just beautiful!
and...last but NOT about 3 frogs for $1....a great addition to our 'local food' picnic!
we have had an amazing time....we will visit more sites today and then start our long journey home...
thanks for coming has been wonderful to be able to share my experiences with you!