Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fletcher-A Monster Doll with Heart

"My Name is FLETCHER.
I want to be a florist
but I am allergic to flowers.
I want to be a nurse
but I faint at the sight of blood.
I am charming in my own way.
My name is FLETCHER"
here we go again bloggers...i have lots of monster dolls to make, so i am committing to 'a doll a day' for thirty days...i love these challenges! Fletcher is approximately 12" tall and made from recycled fabric (brand new stuffing though). many more monster dolls with heart for you to meet...see you tomorrow!!!


  1. fletcher is SO cute!! i totally understand about the florist and nurse thing.....fletcher and i have a lot in common! :)

  2. I can personally attest that these dolls are WONDERFUL...not only in quality, but they have a bit of you, Lori...your soul!!! So all of you get your own's sooooo worth it!! LOve my Dorothy!!!

  3. Lori, couldn't find you email address, so I'm letting you know here. I love Dorothy...she's perfect. I can't remember the last time I "tee-heed!" I couldn't get that package opened up quick enough!!! I just love her!!! I mailed the check on Wed. and it was sooo worth it. She's in my Halloween display right now and looks quite at home there!! Thank you again!!!


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