Friday, September 18, 2009

online class results!

so here are two of the pages from my journal...the second week of my online class with pam carriker, shades of grey...i am stretching my boundaries on this, but loving it...more to learn! i have fed and walked the dog, framed eight pieces and blogged this is five o'clock...oh my...where has the day gone..tee hee!
i am practicing 'not being right' today...letting the little things go...and enjoying life a bit more...sometimes i can take myself so seriously...not very attractive!


  1. Wonderful pages...very nice. It's ok to let go of some of those little dragons, as I call the little them a personality. And I concur, don't take yourself too took me 53 years to figure that one out, I'm 57 and having a ball! Have a great weekend and have FUN!!!

  2. Well, I am finally making my very overdue blog visits today and what a lovely post to visit. I just love scrolling down your page and seeing your tremendous amount of work and all of those rich colors and inviting faces. But, it is such a little wisp of fresh air to see some new directions too! I know you will love Pam's class - I've seen many examples of her students' work and everyone loves the results. It's hard for me to try new things but I'm always glad when I do and it opens up new doors in your imagination. So, have fun and enjoy! These are lovely pages and rich in a very different and pleasing way. It's going to be fun watching you!

  3. OOooh I like these pages! How fun. I love taking new classes and learning. I just signed up for my first online art class, and can't wait to start. Sounds like you are having fun, can't wait to see more!


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