Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meet BOB

My name is BOB
I love eating spaghetti
but I always get the sauce on my chin
I love crab too
but it is way too much work to crack the shells and suck out the meat
I am charming in my own way
My name is BOB
I have been busy, busy, busy making my monster dolls...they are selling like hotcakes for stocking stuffers for all ages...I have been able to cut back to working four days a week, leaving more time to make monsters....what fun...there are about one hundred floating around now!!! thanks for the support everyone! (and be sure to check out my etsy shop)


  1. I've missed you, but I'm so happy for your success. I love my Dorothy...she sits along side Frau Honkerbooger, from a doll exchange. They're my little muses in the studio.

  2. I Know your agettign tired of these awsome littel guys !!! Only 34 days till xmas keep onm sewing!!!

  3. I still love the dolls although I know you are way done! Can't wait until tomorrow!


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