Tuesday, December 15, 2009

another commissiion job complete!

i was commissioned to embellish an affirmation book for someone for a gift...well i worked on it yesterday (after my real job) and finished it this morning...i had a blast doing it...i have been so engrossed with the monster dolls that the mixed media stuff i love so much has been on the back burner. the girls head is watercolor, she has glittery wings and she is mixed media all over the place...the back is acrylic and stabilo pencil...with, yes...more mixed media going on...love that! i then finish the book by coating it with a thin layer of natural beeswax...voila! i am going to deliver the book today...i am hoping that everyone loves it as much as i do!!!


  1. I LOVE the book, so glad you were able to do something different for a change of pace. Have a wonderful day off.

  2. What lovely work and I'm sure the recipient will be so thankful for it! And the monster dolls - oh, my! They are just incredible and so creative and fun! I am so impressed. I'm sorry I missed the drawing, but I'm so excited to swing by for a visit and see all that you've been up to. I am just in awe!
    Hope you have a blissful Christmas with your family and friends!

  3. This is awesome! I have to do one for a trade soon, Hope mine turns out as well!


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