Thursday, December 10, 2009

monsters, monsters, monsters

today is the last day to register for the monster doll giveaway for my 100th post....i was hoping for more participation..but....there you have it..i will have cameron pick a name when i get home from work today!
i am doing a good job getting the dolls posted on etsy...quite a task for me i might say...but i am doing it! we are to go back to berkeley this saturday for the second of three saturdays there...i hope it doesn't rain...but i think it is going to be beastly cold...have a great thursday bloggers!!!

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  1. I think I forgot to register so now I have. I love all your dolls and will be sorry when you are no longer making them. I love to see the new creations you come up with. We are staying in town this long weekend I have off so I'll talk with you soon. Love you.


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