Sunday, December 6, 2009

My name is Devynn

My name is Devynn
I love to cook and cook and cook
but I hate to clean up the dishes afterward
I love to hang out with my friends
but I hate it when my mom calls and tells me to come home
I am charming in my own way
my name is Devynn
I am an 11" stuffy...made from recycled materials and I am looking for a new, loving home!

had a great day at the berkeley art and craft show....sold some goodies, bartered for some christmas gifts...and got to be with some very creative was a good day and i am going to do it again next saturday! okay to the real job!
if you have not entered into the monster doll give away...take a moment and leave a comment...thanks

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  1. hmmmm... devynn sounds like me when i was a kid. :)


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