Saturday, December 12, 2009

no craft show for me today!

it is freezing cold and raining again today...i am wimping out on the craft show in berkeley...instead i am having a friend over to play...the good news is i get to play...the bad news is...i am not going to be selling alot of my monsters today.hmmm...
this is candice...she loves eating chinese food, but hates using chopsticks...she loves pedicures, but hates getting her feet tickled....she is charming in her own way...ofcourse!

this is azure...she loves her name, but hates when people ask her if she is really blue...she loves getting her picture taken, but she hates saying 'cheese'...she too is charming in her own way.
I have alot of dolls in my etsy shop, but i cannot seem to get the action there that i would like...if anyone has any tips, i would love to hear them....a bit down today about my sales...i feel like my window of holiday opportunity is starting to close and i have alot of inventory left...hmmmm...thanks for letting me whine today...might have something to do with the weather, huh?


  1. Wow!! Great monster's again. Girl, you are amazing!! I will be working in Berkley soon, at the fist of the year. I am going to try to look you up if I can so we can chat. I live in Modesto, but have to travel up there for some work. Hope to catch up with you soon. Sharon

  2. These monster dolls are so cute! I can't imagine that sales are down. I understand though, there are spider webs and crickets in my shop!

  3. These are so much fun!! Sorry about the weather and canceled art fair. But I heard you got to spend some time with Lorrie, which sounded like it was very fun! Hugs, Silke


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