Friday, January 15, 2010

a monster doll and a heavy heart!

My name is IVY
and I am charming in my own way!

so...for the past 100+ posts I have kept myself very private...but this week has been extremely hard. my mother passed away on monday. she had a good 78 years...but somehow her death still caught me off guard. i have had alot of mixed emotions surrounding her leaving this world. my inner child (age 3) says 'ding dong the wicked witch is dead' can't be mean to me anymore...the inner teenager (age 16) is still looking for the love and approval that will never come from my mother now....and the adult, compationate woman that i am today, will fly to arizona to meet with my two sisters. we will console one another and take care of the business at hand. i am still processing so many feelings...but above all...i know that i was the best daughter that i could be...


  1. i'm so sorry to hear the news of your heart goes out to you, i know it's a very difficult time. i'm glad that you'll have the chance to be with your sisters.

    thinking of you.... xox

  2. oooh i'm so very sorry! truly thinking of you right now...i hope the time with your sisters soothes your soul some. many xoxox...jenn


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