Sunday, January 17, 2010

my new mini monsters are helping me!

my sister is here from michigan...we are spending time together....really all i want to do is isolate in my studio and play with the new mini monster series...we leave tomorrow for arizona...can i be away from my studio for six days? yikes! we will have a private memorial for my mother and help her husband in any way we can...i have learned how important a will is...everything has been willed to my mother's it should be....i just wish there was one line in the will that stated "and girls...I LOVE YOU" i will be sure to put that in my will for my is the last, and final chance to say 'i love you' i am sad, heavy hearted, and i must go to work today....


  1. i know that these upcoming days will be difficult....i wish you much peace. my arms are around you, and i keep you in my prayers.
    hugs, lori

  2. OH Lori, Yes a will is very important I talked of it to lorrie about it and a living will. I will be thinking of you. I know how much you need to create right now and cannot but maybe you can find some time to journal Hugs Julie


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