Saturday, February 27, 2010

all washed up! image today...i came home from work and my adorable little puppy had piddled in my ran under my cloth box of dolls...and you guessed it...pee you!!! so i found out the hard way that my dolls are 100% washable! the older dolls were embellished with charcoal...newer ones with indian ink....the charcoal did not survive the wash....blah...a bunch of very cute CLEAN faced monsters...blah again! i have to re-embellish them and i do not have the heart...ah...did i say life was great? it makes me smile today....i wanted to rip my hair out when they came out of the dryer...but they smell great now! gotta love our doggies, right?


  1. Stuff happens and puppies babies have a second chance at a new face!!

  2. OH NO! I'm glad you were able to salvage everything!


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