Thursday, February 25, 2010

a good beginning!

ahhh...i have 25 monster key fobs in my inventory...i have an art fair on the 25th of march and the goal is 100 little ones...i am going to make it!!! ofcourse nothing else is getting done...right? well i have taco soup in the oven to slow cook all day...i have done my pilates dvd...showered...talked to my sister in china...fed the anmals, walked the dog...did i mention that i set off the smoke alarm with my steamy shower? oh i am taking myself to the real job at trader joe' i really have time to work? dentist appointment after work...then..ahh...back to the fun part of my life..MONSTERS!!


  1. oh my you are busy...I just love these little fobs!!!

  2. get more accomplished before you go to work than i do all day!! these little monsters are cute as a button....have fun making more of these! :))


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