Saturday, February 6, 2010

The last Valentine Monster

This is the last doll in my Valentine series. His name is Ivan, he has a dark red leather heart on his tummy. His arms do not match, two buttons create one eye and the other eye looks like a has a big shiner (black eye). He is a 10" stuffy that is made with rescued fabric, old buttons, thread and indian ink for shadowing. He has a fun frankenstein scar on his forehead and his mouth is sewn shut with autopsy style stitching. The polyfill i stuff him with is new...all other material is recycled...making Ivan not only adorable but also green! His name/personality tag is hammered out on an old typewriter. He is desperately looking to be someones Valentine.
Had a great playdate yesterday with several artists/crafters....very fun but I did not get the amount of dolls made...too much visiting? perhaps! i have to make some monster key fobs today...i will...i will....i is raining today so it is the perfect day to go to the movies...oops...i mean...make monster key fobs! tee hee

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  1. Yes I had a great time to, it was good to create and be around others that were of the same spirit. Have a good day my friend what ever you do!


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