Saturday, February 20, 2010

monster energy in my studio!!

saturday morning...and a bit drab outside. but not inside for sure....i have signed up for an outside market in martinez, california the end of march. my lofty goal is to have 100 of my mini voodoo monster dolls ready to sell! i really don't know how many i have in my studio right now. my problem is, i get a few made and i take them to work to sell, or to boutiques...or wherever is willing to take them, really. so my inventory stays slight. i have to work on keeping those little cuties here with me so i have some to sell next month! they have so much energy that they take up space in my studio...oh well...we will have to learn to live together for a few weeks, right? i am having a blast making away i go! oh..and by the way....this is TODY one of the newer voodoo monster doll key fobs...he looks great on a backpack as well as a handy key keeper...

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