Friday, March 5, 2010

ahhhhh...a day off!

oh yes....a day off! i have a monster of a day planned! i have sent a few dolls out that have been adopted this week...i love that! my heart is really with the smaller dolls....after the puppy dog piddled on the floor by the larger ones, and then i washed them...blah...not liking the larger ones all that much right now..tee hee....soooooo...i am looking forward to a mini monster day. i helped a friend set up an etsy shop this week....she makes very cool little girls i got some fun fabric from her. my goal is still one hundred minis by march 27th...when i sell dolls that goal gets further away...i can deal with that! in fact...i hope they all sell and i have to start all over! no complaints from this girl! a rainy week here in sunny california (?) so i am going to hunker down and play today!


  1. Gotta have one of your mini dolls. Need to save up for more stuff, though. Vernon and Dorothy are very happy in their Casas Grande pot, but I'm going to find a new place for them in our family room a.s.a.p. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hope you had a fun play day. I got off work early, so I'm playing on this side of the water!


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