Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Surrender!!!

what a week....geez! i had a great you know...i am soooo loving my iphone....who would have!!!
then the saga of the 'lost teenager' continues. we have one simple rule in the house...i won't go into is an easy rule to live by...or so i thought. over the past month that stinky teen has broken the rule three times...three strikes and you are out! so yesterday i cleaned out his room, put everything in the driveway....he is to pick it all up (including the huge -huge dog kennel) by noon or else i am donating it...hmmmm....a bit harsh you might say? i think not...i might think so later...but for today...not too harsh. i feel sadness, anger and peace all at the same time....this too shall pass...there is a bigger plan, and i do not know what it is...and i will love my son from afar...for today..i surrender..
BUT...on a lighter note...and a creative one....the BIG monsters with heart...are back! i have some fairs coming up and the big monsters sell BUSTER
My name is BUSTER
Everybody always asks me why i am so sad
I am not sad...this is just how my face looks
I want to grow up to be a cowboy
but I hate cows, horses, campfires, sleeping outside and singing around a fire
I am charming in my own way
My name is BUSTER

I have not listed anything on etsy for a while....i am gonna do that right now...

be grateful peaceful humble today....those are my goals!

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  1. keeping you and your son in my prayers! I came across an anonymous quote a few days ago and jotted it down, knowing I would want to remember. "I've learned that children need loving the most when they are the hardest to love." (I thought that could be true for anyone of any age)


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