Thursday, April 1, 2010

three things

so today i am going to focus on what i am grateful for....
i am going to limit my blog list to three things...very difficult indeed....if you stop by my blog today, will you please share three things that you are grateful for....thanks so much...staying positive today!
i a grateful for;
my relationship with my higher power (and i am keeping that guy pretty busy right now)
being provided for on a daily basis
good friends
those are the basics...many more come to mind and that is a good thing!!!


  1. My 3 things that I am grateful for are:

    1. I am employed

    2. Family

    3. Art Journaling

  2. Well, right now I'm going through a horrible crises with one of my emotional divorce and that has me very sad and down especially when 4 wonderful little grandsons are involved and the thought of never seeing them again, has made this even harder, but when love turns toxic and hateful, one needs to let go, no matter how painful and life changing it is.

    However, I am grateful, as always, for the other things that help me get through the day, not my antidepressant either!! LOL
    I'm grateful for family and their wonderful love and support, my husband who blesses my life daily, and the Big Guy who has taken care of me all my life and I'm going to add another, my friends, both here at home and in blogland...I am so blessed to have you wonderful people in my life.


  3. I am thankful for my faith as it keeps me strong, I am thankful for my husband and children (does that count as 2) and I am thankful for the love of friends. Now I know that's three :) I started keeping a gratitude journal several years ago, I listed 5 things each day I was greatful for that day. some days took some deep soul searching but after awhile you realize that the most basic things are what give you joy and you come to realize how truly blessed you are!

  4. I am grateful for you, my husband, and the peace of mind I've been blessed with.


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