Thursday, May 6, 2010

days turn into weeks

days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months. i have not heard from my son in two weeks now. i am clinging to 'no news is good news'...he is not in jail or the hospital...i would'no news is good news'! i am dealing with some emptiness in my homework is to find a way to feel loved and supported by the 'givers' in my life. i was reminded by my best friend that there are givers and takers in this world...i choose to hang out with the givers....and be a giver too. my soul is full today....a bit shaky at times...but most of the time...quite full.
i am grateful for
1. my intimate relationships with my god, my husband, my family members and my friends...that i have the freedom to be me
2. a 'real' job that pays for the 'real' bills
3. a car that i can rely on...daily
4. my dog...who gets me out walking in the sunshine every day
i am at this moment


  1. sweetie, I shall be holding you and your son in my prayers. A mother always worries about her children, I pray that your son is safe and that he is making wise choices, may God repair the rift between you and bring him safely back home.

  2. Great post! Like your son, I don't hear from him either unless it's bad news and he had some the other day...lost his job, but I told him that to look at this as an opportunity since he was so unhappy with this last job and wasn't planning to stay there much longer. He's a graphic designer and architect by education and training, but does mostly drafting work. He's really a very talented artist and hopes to find something in his field of expertise...don't we all!!???

    Right now I'm a bit torn around the edges due to an event in my life concerning another child, but I take it one day at a time and rely on those wonderful people in my life who are very much givers as I'm there for them.

    Have a great day and week.


  3. my arms are around you, sweet pea.....xox, :)))


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