Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grand Finale? For now...

these lovelies are the last of the series that i have been working on...there is a bride...and a princess and a jester. they are waiting for names and stories. my studio is purged of fabric that is boring me right now....the sewing machines are covered and ready to be replaced with paints, papers and glues...on to mixed media...i think...well....that is the plan anyway.
tomorrow is my darling husband's birthday....we are off to see 'iron man 2' and then out for sushi. i cannot wait....i was able to find some fun birthday gifts...both luxurious and functional...ahhh...gotta love birthdays!


  1. looking forawrd to seeing where your creative muse takes you next! happy birthday to your dear husband :)

  2. I'm missing you. Maybe we can play when I get back on Tuesday?

  3. I was lucky enough to get the Bride :)


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