Saturday, May 1, 2010

happy saturday

i sell dolls at 'alice's consignments' in napa. along with the last check that they sent me...i found this adorable note! what a keeper...
hi i'm one of the people who buys your dolls I love thim so much. thank you love isabel (heart)
that just warms my insides!
all is well here....i spent over an hour vacuuming the car out yesterday. i am sure i have mentioned that my teenager has a big white fluffy dog....well....i de-'bliss'-ed my car. i am sure there is something very symbolic there...and i am taking it!
i have a fun day art group that gets together once a month (or so) is coming to my place to play today! i have to go cut bagels and make a little fruit salad...
i am grateful for the delicious life i have today...enjoy your saturday!

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  1. I will miss you all. Have a wonderful day. Lorrie


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