Monday, June 7, 2010

amazing weekend!!!

ahhhh....lots of art...amazing art....sunshine, community and inspiration this weekend! i got to hang out with ten incredible artists in richmond, california. don and melissa opened their lovely home and cactus filled property to us and promoted an eye popping open studios. we all showed up saturday morning with high hopes of sunshine and lots of sales. i think no one was disappointed! one of the metal purses wanted to come home with me again this year, but there was this voice in the back of my head screaming 'roof! roof! roof!' so i did not buy anything...wah...but we are hundreds of dollars closer to our new roof....aaah!
and....if anyone sees the new 'stuffed' magazine? i am in it....have not been able to find it...yet!


  1. Well now, how cool is this?! I would have loved to been there!

  2. Hey Lady! Loved hanging out with you over the weekend! you inspired me :) Would LOVE for you to do the art street fair in Sept! Here's the link
    You have 10x10 space and need a canopy & tables. I sold out of everything last year on Saturday. It's very highly promoted. Would you consider doing together? I have canopy and everything we'd need. We could split the cost (more profits!) and since I live so close I can set up the night before. Anyways, just a suggestion, let me know :)

    Love the photos! Still need to get mine up!


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