Saturday, July 10, 2010

happy saturday!

i have fridays and saturdays off now....i have returned to a five day work week....that is okay for any rate...i have had a great weekend...not over til bedtime tonight, right?? so rob and i have knuckled down and created a new crop of mini monster key fobs. now i get to photograph them and get them into my etsy shop. i have 'pandora' playing on my laptop to keep me focused and entertained....gotta love 'pandora' have procrastinated as long as i can...away i go!


  1. I have to get to Berkeley and scout you out and say Hi, and met the Monster's soon.

  2. Birds of a feather...listening to Pandora as I read my blogs. Wish I had my computer in my studio..wouldn't have to worry about changing CD's when they're don. However, right now, I'm listening to cassettes since my CD player is sickie-poo...actually enjoying them!!

    Anyway, great to a 5 day work week and lots of time to cuddle and create!!



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