Thursday, July 29, 2010

home from my travels

i went to arizona and spent a few days with my sissy and my neice...what a great time we had....lots of highlights! haircuts, hair coloring, facial masks, arts and crafts, and laughing together until we almost wet our pants!
one day we took a road trip to bisbee, arizona. ever hear of it? sissy and i stayed at the Shady Dell. a vintage trailer park. you can rent these amazing old 'airstreams' for a night, a week, a month....we stayed one night...what a great walk down memory lane...actually i have no memories of ever staying in one of these trailers as a youngster...but....if i would have felt just like rained a bit while we were there, we sipped on bubbly water, ate cinnamon roasted cashews, and played games. there was an old graveyard next to the park and we trompsed through that by the light of a full moon. the next morning we ate at 'dot's' diner...right there on the grounds, also a vintage experience. this little 'shady dell' was on my bucket list...and it more than met my expectations....thank you to jennifer and justin for being so creative with the was totally a step back in when things were a bit more simple....i loved it!!!!!


  1. Oh My, my bedroom was a small camping air stream when I was a teenager. It was parked outside of our house on the dairy my Dad milked cows at. The house was very small, thus the trailer. What a great thing to live in. I didn't really appreciate it then, but would love to have it now for an art studio. What a great walk down through time for you. I will have to visit there someday. Thanx for sharing.

  2. Hey girlfriend, glad to see you back. I will be going to Phoenix next month to visit my sis and niece also. Been to Bisbee many past life (before divorce), used to go thru there and sometimes hung all those sleepy little towns...great fun!!

  3. Hey Lady!! Sounds like you had a blast! Love your pics. Miss talking to you! Been on a deadline as of late, busy busy! How's your art coming along?

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  4. we had SUCH fun...things are not the same with you gone...when will you and I live closer? Maybe we should get a trailer, just for the 2 of us!!! Love you bunches...miss you more!!!


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