Thursday, October 14, 2010

i am trying!!1

i am trying to blog everyday....hmmm....i guess i now have one in a row. it is so hard for me to think that what is happening in my life at this point is interesting enough to blog....get up, walk the dog, go to work, come home, nap, bathe the dog, walk the dog, make a monster....exhausted...go to bed....
but in there someplace i have visited with friends that have made a difference in my life....someplace in there i have (hopefully) passed my ASL (american sign language) quiz, well, she calls it a quiz...yikes, what will the exam be like? someplace in there i have contacted a local roller derby queen to see if i can be a vendor at their halloween event....someplace in there i have talked to my darling granddaughters while there were in disneyland....someplace in get the the help of my blog i am going to look at the interesting things that are going on in my life....thank you lorrie for your undying support....and julie for the 'oh yeah!'

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  1. It is finding the extraordinary in the everyday happenings that make our world go round. You have the magic in you.


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