Friday, October 22, 2010

working with eighth graders!

these are photos from a local middle school where i have the opportunity to teach some wonderful eighth graders how to make a secret compartment books. these are photos from our second week....i think they are finally getting used to looking at me. i am having the time of my life!!! i committed to three sessions, this wednesday is our last class together and i am not ready to stop seeing them....i will get photos of their completed books to share with you...i am loving these kids....they have not yet learned that there are no mistakes in art....especially when i am the instructor!!!
happy weekend!


  1. These children are so lucky to have you to spend time with and to experience a little of your passion for art, I hope that some of it wears off on some of them.

  2. We are loving you, missy! Thanks so much for giving us YOU!


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