Monday, November 1, 2010

back on my feet again!

five days later and i am nearly back to normal! went back to work today, and that felt good.
this is a photo of the art teacher and one of her was pat's birthday and this is the amazing cake this student created for her! i have one more visit with the kids, we will be waxing their secret compartment has been so much fun working with them.
i was down for the count on saturday night....a big event....girl's roller derby in richmond, california. i was to wear my fun costume and sell lots of was halloween after all...the monsters LOVE halloween! but no go for this girl. so my darling husband dressed up as a 'white collar' zombie and he sold lots of monsters!
i did not get to wear my fun costume....i listed it on freecycle and it was claimed by an adorable teenage made me feel so good to see her eyes light up when she saw the 'princess of flowers' costume...
life is grand today!

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