Thursday, January 13, 2011

ahhhhh that is better!!!

now this is how my studio should look, right??
i am once again having a blast with my monster dolls, and that means a lot of fabric strewn everywhere...gotta see my choices, right?
if someone wants to see the house...there is a big basket that all the evidence of my fun can be shoved into..and then into the closet with it!

it is rainy here...i have tomorrow off....and i have four new monster dolls for my husband to stuff for me....this guy is not done yet...but here is a skin from the "B'Mine" Series that is being sent to Dandy Lion's Boutique!


  1. love you. trying to figure how to get a blog going for me...not sure how to name it, but working on it!

  2. Just finished cleaning and organizing mine...just had to do it since I couldn't find anything anymore and I think if I hadn't done anything soon, it would have become a "mousy hospital!" As far as I'm concerned, your studio looks clean to me!! LOL

    Have a great weekend.



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