Wednesday, April 20, 2011

57 never felt so good!!!

oh yes....i am a mere 57 today and it never felt so good!!! i have heard from many loved ones all over the world...thank you for being in my life...i woke up this morning at three and ofcourse my darling husband had the tables decorated for m birthday....thank you darling! i received cards and gifts from many....i got a new coffee mug that holds 21 ounces of fresh hot coffee....LOVE it! and my sister has made sure my feet are toasty with some new KEEN boots, i broke those in wearing them in perfect!
so thank you for all the love....i am humbled by your comments on my Facebook and i appreciate my friendships with you more than you could ever know...
my heart is very full today! happy 57th to me!!!


  1. Shame on me for letting this day slip by-Happy belated B-day DEAR ONE!!!!

  2. Happy Day to you!!!! Love that pic of you and your new mug!


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