Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pretty Big Shoes to Fill!

Several weeks ago my son and his girlfriend came home to find that their studio had had a fire and they lost their amazing American Bulldog "Brutus".  A very sad and tragic day for all of us.  Last friday , at the tender age of 8 weeks, they picked up "Francis"..and Old English Bulldog.  Look at that face would you please?  He was named after Frank Sinatra before they got him...but he has the bluest eyes!  Welcome to the family Francis...we are glad you are here!


  1. OMG, I haven't been around in a while, so it's great to see you. I'm so sorry about your son and girlfriend's dog...how sad, however, "Welcome Francis!" What a precious face!

    My little Chihuahua is suffering from a slow-acting liver cancer, so far he's doing great and recovering from his surgery, but the vet told me he has a few good months left..very sad but we continue to love and care for him and give him the best we can.

    Have a great week and I maybe should start blogging again...need to get my "stuff" together!! LOL


    1. it is hard to blog on a regular basis isn't it? i am trying too but not so good at it! sorry about your puppy...yes we make them as comfortable as possible but it is hard to let our buddies go! glad to see you too missy!!!


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