Monday, August 13, 2012

Arg...trying to make a video today!

i have tried several times to make a video and upload it to my kickstarter project with no success....blah...
i am trying to launch a project through Kickstarter call "Guerilla Art Public Project".  It is a project that i have designed for artists of all ages that are not creating art work for some reason.  maybe not inspired, maybe blocked...whatever.  i will provide the supplies, the meeting place and an environment that will feed the souls of artists that want to play.  I am so excited about offering this to any and ALL artists but i am having a hard time finding the words that describe the project correctly.
who am i?  lorrimarie, a full time artist and mixed media teacher
the project? Guerilla Art Public Project (GAPP) To place 1,000 pieces of Guerilla Art on cars that are parked on the streets of local communities.
the goal? to raise $5,000 to provide artists that are suffering any type of artist's block with a place to play freely, and inspiring supplies.  to bring joy back to their art by coming together with other artists for creative play time.  for them to create fun artwork with the sole purpose of giving it away.
we will have 3 months to create the 1,000 pieces of public art...we will have a big celebration and we will  hit the streets with bundles of art to place on parked cars...
i am very excited about this project but i am having a hard time putting it into words for the is so simple....i provide a place and supplies for artists that want to play....we play....we have a party and then we give the art that is SIMPLE!!!


  1. Yay! I love taking pictures of graffiti, people and nature! Here is my blog:

    I hope that you are well! My mom loves you and I dooo too!!!! Looking forward to participating in this!



    1. hello my lovie love! i will check out the the idea....maybe you can take photos of when all the artists hit the street with their guerilla fun..maybe your mom and you can come play too!!!
      miss you


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