Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MoonLighting i am having fun with my mixed media again!  i am loving the effects of the is so dreamy to look at!
i have been pursuing my desires of working with seniors and teaching them some fun techniques in mixed media....i have run into the snag of not having teaching credentials...really?  i am a self taught artist and i just want to share some of the experiences that i have had with others....blah!  there are a few more places that i can submit a resume to buts....i am just going to continue on the path of desire and something delicious will happen, right?  that is my task for today...sent out atleast one resume...give it a kiss...and into the mail it shall go!
lots of art play on the plate...i have accepted a show at Piccolo's starting September 1st and i want to submit artwork for an art show in the Art Murmur in Oakland by September 2nd.  I best to play a plenty for the next few days!
oh...and i am launching a Kickstarter project to support Public Art on September 1st as well....i will keep you posted!

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