Sunday, September 23, 2012

Art-Is-You Retreat!

just came back from petaluma...spent a few delicious days there being a student in some classes that were amazing!  i am truly a beginner and that is a bit challenging!  i do not love the work i created but i do love the juices that are now flowing in my creative spirit!  so  many new techniques...and supplies...things i have never tried before!  a new outlook on face drawing, encaustic painting (harder than it looks) and stuffing muslin for a 2D look on my mixed media!

this was the name tag i proudly wore all weekend!  thank you ellen and sallianne for making this weekend possible...and thank you rice" for the new jacket!!!  i am spinning with gratitude!!!


  1. I loved spending the day with you. Learning new techniques and watching you create. I don't know why you were unhappy with the dress piece you made, I thought it was wonderful. I'm so glad to have shared part of this time with you. I love you. Lorrie

    1. it was our first of many times to create in a workshop was divine to be with you!!
      i love you more!!


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