Monday, September 3, 2012


i am sooo ready to launch my kickstarter project tomorrow..Guerilla Art Public glitch....i cannot get the video to load!  argh!!  i have taped and re taped the video about six times....i finally have a video that i am happy with and now cannot get it into the kickstarter project....blah!  i will try again today...the goal is to get the project up and running tomorrow...wish me luck!
i am taking a break from the serious art and i am just playing with the guerilla artwork again...i love helps me stay in the flow and i get to use alot of the amazing images that i have in a box by the desk in my studio...the Public Project that i am launching tomorrow (hopefully) will commit to 1,000 pieces of Guerilla Art in 90 i will not be doing this alone...i will be commandeering as many artists as i can....who does not want to play..right?  here are a sample of my guerilla artwork...i know there are going to be some amazing pieces...WHEN i get the project launched....send some good computer mojo my way!
have a great holiday monday!

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