Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday....must clean the house!

guests coming to dinner and the house is one big dusty fur ball!  sooooo...before any play time is to be had i had to clean the house....scrub, dust and sweep..ta da!  ready to grill tuna and broccoli on and visit!  a great time was had by all...topping off the dinner with teeccino and homemade lemon-lime bars...yummy!  then after everyone was gone, and hubby tucked safely into bed....i snuck off into the studio to play with another naked lady...i have found some amazing images.  i will submit the naked ladies to a show with 'femme cartel' and hope for the best!
more play time today....actually have a play date with a friend and her doggie today...AND my house is amazingly clean!
have a great weekend!

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