Saturday, September 29, 2012

pajama day!!!

i have been playing really hard this week and i am taking the day off....or atleast that is the plan right now...a whole day in my pajamas....well, ok....i do have to sweep the doggie puffs off the stairs and i  do have some fun faces to make...but i am not committing to anything else today...right?
here are a couple more art dolls that i am creating and having so much fun with...these are about 8" tall so i will call them the small ones....i should get them on etsy but i have several fairs coming up and really need to keep them for inventory...but sell them?  oh yes please!!!
had a great day with darling hubby yes....i have earned a pj day  today....ahhhhh!!


  1. Enjoy your day. These are great. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Lorrie

  2. me too....i am going to bring some of the little fellas over with me....but i am going to bring shrinky dinks to play with...yipppeeee!!!


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