Tuesday, September 25, 2012

thursday night's class project!

this was so much fun to make....i think there is a 'winged ones' series in my future!  i love this 3D piece of a little smarty pants boy...i used resin to make his wings so transparent...yay resin!
lots of creativity flowing since the retreat...just trying to keep up with it!
remember to play today!


  1. hi LorriMarie, I'm over here from Ricë's blog..I just love that altered sweater you made...so inspiring...more please.

    1. thanks for the comment! that sweater was a favorite of mine and i just wore the sleeves out so....find some fun sleeves and create a new sweater...ta da! more please indeed! lots of ideas swimming around in my head from all the 'inspiring' that happened during Art is You! what a gift for me to be able to attend the retreat and to meet amazing people like Rice"...i have found my twin for sure...have an amazing day!


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