Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I whisper my secrets to the moon at night...

this is the art project that we are working on in class thursday night.  this is our last class together and someone is actually bringing some gluten free cookies! yipppeeee...the  six weeks that we spend together goes so quickly...i am able to share alot of fun ideas and i learn so much from my students!  they are like little sponges, learning as much as they can when we gather...and i learn from my mistakes and from their courageous playfulness...i have watched one of my students go from tears to joyfulness...all in two and a half hours...i am truly the blessed one here!
as for the teens?  i do not know how they got so serious!  i am going to turn the music up a little louder friday night and i am going to be wearing a clown nose when i greet them...they have got to stop taking themselves sooooooo seriously....i am just the one to teach them how to play!  i only have them for four more weeks...but for today?  i am up for the challenge!
have an amazing humpday today!

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