Tuesday, October 2, 2012

pencils and pens and chalks...oh my!!

oh yes....i am totally addicted to these art dolls!  i stay up too late and i get up too early...just to play!  i use paper, fabric, pencil, ink and chalk to draw face after face!  oh, then of course i make a little outfit and eventually an art doll is born!
i am posting these cuties on a daily basis as they are  coming to life....i was using my facebook but i am giving you all the  choice of seeing all these adorable creations by either jumping into my blog link or not...ahhh...then i do not feel like i am cramming my artwork down your throats on face book...
we are off to a delicious dog park today...but i need to make a face or two before...right?!
i do not have these art dolls on etsy because that whole process is a bit much for me to focus on...but the dolls are for sale...let me know if one, or two, tickle your fancy...
thanks for stopping by my blog...comment if you can...
have a grand tuesday!

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