Sunday, October 28, 2012

self care vs. selfishness

we had such a great gathering discussing the 'artist's way' yesterday...munching on scones and sipping cappuccinos at a delicious cafe here in benicia.  the topic of selfish behavior  vs. self-care was on the table...great topic!  i believe it was inferred that when i was young, when i tried to take care of myself i was told 'don't be so selfish' so i in turn thought that taking care of myself WAS selfish...i am learning that there is a great difference between the two!  i can take care of the benefit of others might i add, cuz i am a way nicer person when i do...or be frustrated because i have not taken care of myself...ooooh...that makes for a cranky LM indeed...
today i am loving the journey!
i made a few little plaques to honor the process....

and i stuffed a few dolls just for the heck of it!  
                                                                 Adria and Bastion

these items are getting ready for some  holiday bazaars...i am still trying to figure out if i am going to host a holiday bazaar/sale here in my home or just do the ones in berkeley...i guess it depends on how much inventory i have by then....
i am having a partial pajama day today....ahhhhh...then off to make jam and have dinner with son #2....
yep....loving life!


  1. self care is the best lesson there is and for some reason the hardest. Most women I know struggle with this, as we are supposed to care for others first. I am so in sync with you as week two is coming up, and I agree that the mosre I take care of me the better everyone around me is for it. I can then have something to give, without resentment. Isn't the Artist Way the only way? xoxo

    1. i love that we are both on the journey of the artist's is a twelve step program for artists....LOVE that! and yes oh yes...self care keeps me out of resentments...well...that is the goal anyway! tee hee loving you carrie! my little hipchick!


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