Monday, December 3, 2012

so much for show and tell!!

it seems like there is so much to show and tell you was supposed to be a 'create FRANKENgloves' day since my inventory is down to 19 fingerless gloves....(no complaints...had a fantastic weekend and sold soooooo many pairs of gloves...)...but all the sudden everything else looked like a better idea....folding the laundry, doing the dishes, stripping the bed....a friend came over to pay for some gloves and even taking a long walk with here and her dog looked like a better idea! (although i had just walked my pup...away i went)...soooooo....i really had to dig in this afternoon and be my own minion...
i got a special order for some fingerless FRANKENgloves for men....oh yes, i am so up for that challenge!  a bit longer, bigger and milder....i love them!
oh.....and i forgot to mention that we arrived at Hip Chick Designs yesterday and it had flooded...that is was under 2" of standing water!  Carrie and I mopped and swept the water away and then a knight in shining armor showed up with a shop vac....out came the sun and all was right in the world again!
so, back to are the fingerless FRANKENgloves that created themselves while i was doing other things....ok, not is almost 10 o'clock and i am not done for the day....but i did increase my inventory for this weekend in Berkele

these are selling like size fits most...$25 each or 2/$40...they get nice and scrunchy after a few wearings....and totally washable....they are fantastic gift ideas, right?  and now for men....what???  
back to the serger my friends...

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