Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Cover is on the Sewing Machine!

oh yeah...that is right!  if they are not sewn together by now it is not going to happen until after Sunday!  I have my niece and nephew flying in from Arizona tomorrow and my sister flying in from Malaysia on Saturday...and then the big Arts and Crafts Bazaar (or Trunk Show as I like to call it) happening on rest for wicked!
So for today I am playing in the studio and creating the mixed media piece that I will be teaching in the is of course carries the message of playfulness and not taking ourselves too seriously!
My theory is that when we take a class and learn how to use new techniques, the first piece is difficult because we are trying something out of our comfort zone, and being focused on following directions...then TAKE TWO...we get to make the same piece, same directions...BUT...we get to make it OUR way!  we learn from the first piece as to what works best for us and we get to adjust!  i love this process...sooooo....last night i made the first pieces, writing down the instructions as i went i get to readjust it and make it even more fun...for me anyway!

stay warm today, play as much as you can...and tell the people you love...that you love them!

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