Monday, February 13, 2017

our last class!

there are 24 of us playing together for the past five weeks....our final class, playdate is this week.  i am both excited and sad to see this class end. it has been an amazing experience for me.  we have created some incredible books together.  we will be binding our 24 page books with a coptic binding....but first!  we have to finish the last 4 pages....oh no....time is short in goes so fast....and we want to bind our books!  what shall we do?!   aha!  i am going to give them a project technique that will take them 1 minute per page...impossible you say?  now, this is exciting!  their pages are already prepped and ready to
paint, stencils, rubbing alcohol and paper towel....and 1 minute!
they will add their own focal points at a later fun is this!!!!!!!
stay tuned.....

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