Thursday, March 30, 2017

Look at these faces!

We are in our 4th week of this 'Letting Go' mixed media art class and some amazing things are happening!  we have spend the first 3 weeks building the background, creating watercolor art paper and cutting things up....but now we are starting to assemble the collages....wowza!  amazing what is happening before my very eyes!  as usual, the teacher remains the student!  i am constantly learning from these talented, courageous women!  i just give a bit of guidance and they take off flying in their own direction....i love this process!
these are some photos of the daytime will see some happy, proud faces.....and i am their biggest cheerleader!
thank you girls for keeping me on my toes!


  1. Can't express how inspiring this class is. PS. The crow is picking my teeth, lol!


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