Tuesday, May 23, 2017

i learn something new every day!

so...today what did i learn?  i learned how to link up my Blog to my You Tube account!  Thank you Denise!  
i learned that a grilled cheese sandwich is even better when shared with a 3 year old grandson...
and what did i teach today?  well....i published the  second tutorial in the 'Creating an Altered Book' Series.  i am trying to keep the videos to around 10 minutes....i know...for me....after 10 minutes in 'video land'...i start to get itchy and want to go play!
in this video, we are creating the cut out niche in the back of the book....so fun!  
i will not be posting any more videos for a few days...life is going to full of art classes and jig saw puzzles with friends...but i will keep you posted!!!

this is the link to my channel

and this is the link to the newest video

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