Wednesday, May 3, 2017


next week we will begin our 6 week class....altering a book!  i cannot even tell you how much fun i have had with this project.  i have tried every technique that i will be teaching and my book is 'exploding' (literally) with deliciousness!
we will be playing with acrylic, watercolor...pockets, secret windows, carved out niches, pop-ups...collaging and doodling!  wowza!
i am so ready to play with my ladies!
if you are close by...come join us!  the 6 week class is only $110 and we leave all perfection at the door...embracing where each mixed media piece takes us!
this is the 'pop-up' how fun is that!!!

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  1. You are so crazy talented! What? Where? Do these inspirations of pure genius come from? I'm in awe


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