Saturday, June 3, 2017

Another Video.....Somebody is having fun!

Yep....having fun alright!  i am uploading a video as we speak....Part II of the 'screen window' technique.  i adore making these videos and sharing techniques with others. it is actually what i do best...classes, workshops, pop ups, playdates.... 
i need 10,000 views before sponsors will pick me up....i am far from that number!
i guess at this point i could use some feedback....
here is the link to my channel....
if you copy and paste it into your browser my videos will pop up....
1. are you subscribed to my channel?
2. if not,  why not?
3. have you watched all the videos?
4. are the videos fun to watch?
5 have you tried any of the techniques?
6. will you share these videos with other 'makers'?

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