Monday, June 22, 2009

mittens, pups and teachers

i did have to work today...but just until one....plenty of play time after that!!! jennifer and i have another sister..penny....she forgot her mittens in china last april...we adorned them with some needle felting...tee hee...and now we will return them to her in michigan!!!

as y
ou can see, puppy dog savannah has had all the fun she can that a puppy stink eye i see? hmmm!

and last but not least...sissy has started her gifts for her co-teachers. she is creating "writer's notebooks" is the first is for greg...and i am loving it! using a mixed media collage method with the focal point being a norman rockwell image of...a teacher ofcourse! we will finish this piece by dipping it in beeswax...making it irresistable to touch...
okay...better eat so that i can keep up my strength...must play hard again tomorrow...sissy is only here for twelve more days!

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  1. Oh god, Lori I am so happy your sis is with you. My best times are with Lorrie I know how warm your heart must be feeling with Jennifer there. Just like those mittens!!!


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