Wednesday, June 24, 2009

what? more fun? this is great!!!

so....i missed my blogging time on the computer yesterday by mere darling husband needed to do his homework. so here is the update from yesterday!

sister jennifer finished her "writer's notebooks" that she has created for her co-teachers. ahhhh...they are collaged composition notebooks, sealed with beeswax. they turned out great!

this great sunny
california weather has ripened all of our delicious apricots at once...anybody want to come pick some?

meet "Bliss"...this darling (huge)
puppy is attached to cameron. she is not yet three months, part wolf-husky and malamute....she is a doll!

another project that i have been playing with is the ugly doll. i made th
is doll for cameron as a "worry doll" worries? give them to the doll to handle...great idea for any teenager i am thinking!
okay...i am off to create more fun in the studio..jennifer and i will turn up the music, maybe dance a bit...and definitely create memories!


  1. We have too many apricots also. They are all over the place I'm eating them night and day! Looks like you are making the best of your time with your sister. Have a great day. Lorrie

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