Friday, June 26, 2009

we took a break from creating to go skydiving today!!!

so...jennifer and i took a break from creating cool art stuff today...we drove to the monterey area and jumped out of perfectly good airplane at 15,000 feet!!! it was a most amazing experience...i highly recommend it to all...we flipped over backwards upon leaving the plane, had a great free fall and then lots spinning when the parachute opened. it took a couple of hours before sissy and i could stop smiling...way fun!

  • but yesterday, when we were NOT jumping out of an airplane, jennifer and i co-created the coolest book...we started off with a children's board book, painted each page, attached a handmade envelope and the interactive book took on a life of its own. it is a book of "lists" so each envelope has a title...such as..."songs"...or "picnic items". this book is to be circulated, each recipient is to add their lists to the envelopes and pass it on the next person on the fun is that?! if you are interested in receiving this fun inspired, thought provoking book...just let us know...we will put you on the "list"...


  1. Are those DINGBATS what came out of your mouth on the way down?

    They also look like my brain after it shattered into a million pieces from fear! lol
    Miss you LM.

  2. oops. and btw. like the books!

  3. I can only see dingbats too - not the pictures but the text is showing up as dingbats. How many people can say "Oh, took a break to go SKYDIVING?" You didn't happen to go to the place near Lompoc, CA did you? I can't think of the name of it but I was just there a couple of months ago with one of my best friends while he "took the leap". I didn't have the courage then but I am thinking this is something I'd like to do. I would love to read what you wrote about it, I'll bet you loved it! You brave woman you!



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